Jufka: Inside the house of pizza and pasta

Jufka is a new pasta and pizza restaurant in Prishtina that opened at the beginning of March this year. It is situated in the rapidly developing southern end of Dragodan, close to the neighbourhood’s numerous other new restaurants like Commandante Marcos and Thana Rosticeri.

Despite being easy to reach on the main road, the restaurant itself is a calm, tranquil space. The interior is clean, crisp and spacious, with chic, modern bathrooms and a centrepiece that creates an imitation of sunlight casting down upon a picturesque tree surrounded by a circular bar.

There is also a gorgeous open-concept kitchen that lets the diners gaze upon the chefs at work, while the walls are adorned with paintings done by an artist from Gjakova that give more personality and warmth to the space. 

Photo: Prishtina Insight/Chelsea Charles.

Jufka takes its name from a type of centuries-old Albanian handmade pasta made from durum wheat, and its menu is led by a wide range of aesthetically pleasing homemade pasta dishes at mid-range price points. There is also a smaller selection of pizzas at around five euros each, an assortment of salads and an array of soups.

The smells emanating from the ginormous pizza oven in the open kitchen are tantalising, and the smoked pershute on the house pizza lives up to the expectations set, while its crust is also perfectly cooked and crisp around the edges. 

The pasta menu offers a range of sauces, each coming with a selection of recommended pastas to accompany them. The amatriciana pairs well with the lesser known, ribbon-shaped mafaldine pasta, which folds flawlessly around the fork, holding the full flavoured sauce, smoked turkey and flecks of pecorino in its pleats.

There is also a range of raviolis, with the spinach and cheese coming nicely packaged in well cooked pasta, and covered in a cheesy, white sauce, mushrooms and layers of fresh parsley laced throughout the bowl.

Photo: Prishtina Insight/Chelsea Charles

Meanwhile, the salads are both delectable and plentiful if you’re looking for an accompaniment to your entree or even a full meal on its own. The Caesar salad has freshly grated parmesan and just the right amount of dressing to round off the flavor without overwhelming it. 

Jufka also offers a variety of cakes for around two euros a slice, which are made outside the house and served on pleasingly decorative plates. The carrot cake is definitely worth sampling, as although it might be a bit on the drier side, the cream cheese icing and spices are on point. The cheesecake meanwhile is dense and satisfying, with a heavenly crust and tasty fruit garnish. 

Photo: Prishtina Insight/Chelsea Charles

The wine list features a selection heavy on French and Italian vintages alongside a few local favourites. If you’re looking to indulge, prices for a bottle are very reasonable, mostly under 40 euros, but ranging from 15-90. A wider drinks list is also in development, so be sure to ask the friendly and receptive staff for a recommendation.

This warm welcome at Jufka combined with its inviting and spacious dining room make it a great spot for a relaxing lunch, a place to do some remote working or even a more intimate evening out. Its Italian offerings won’t let you down.

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