Adelina’s Cook Shop: Setting new standards with sensational cheesecakes

Adelina’s Cook Shop, a divine little cake shop on Bajram Kelmendi street in Prishtina, started out from humble beginnings in March 2020, just as the COVID-19 global pandemic was hitting Kosovo. 

In those early lockdown days, the shop’s owner, Adelina Bikliq, started posting recipes on her Instagram account (@adelinascookdiary) to help provide motivation for those seeking refuge in the kitchen.

While she experimented with posting recipes for a range of dishes early on, she soon began to focus on cakes, and particularly her own personal favourite, cheesecake, which she decorated with flowers from her garden. Her recipes were inspired by her mother from Ohrid, who Adelina says was an amazing cook, but she also tried to add a personal touch to each of them.

Encouraged by the positive feedback she received, Adelina saw an opportunity to expand the idea into a business, making cakes to order for customers. It was at this moment, she tells Prishtina Insight, that she decided: “I have to be the most famous in Kosovo for cheesecakes.”

Photo courtesy of Adelina Bikliq

Adelina’s exceptional cheesecakes go a long way towards achieving that aim, and the no bake cheesecake in particular is extraordinary. Inspired by her mother’s teachings, the recipe contains pistachios, frozen fruit and white chocolate. The flavours come to life the moment they hit your tongue and the texture is perfect – like eating clouds. Even those without a sweet tooth will find it impossible to put their fork down. 

In November 2020, after her business had outgrown her home kitchen, Adelina opened the shop so that customers could drop by and place or pick up an order. It also sells individual slices of the baked cheesecake with a homemade mixed fruit topping for 2.5 euros. 

Photo: Chelsea Charles / Prishtina Insight

Each cake Adelina makes to order is unique and built around the requests of her customers, while she continues to garnish them with real flowers, creating a visual feast for the eyes. 

She also uses very little sugar. The chocolate cakes use 95% dark chocolate and 100% cocoa powder making them almost sugar free. Adelina herself is gluten intolerant and very wary of other people’s concerns – she offers sugar free cakes for diabetics, and gluten and lactose free cakes as well. 

Her shop also offers a range of sweet pastries, with the profiteroles in particular being a fan favourite. The creamy vanilla filling inside the choux pastry can be ordered either dusted with powdered sugar or covered in chocolate and sprinkled with ground nuts.

Photo courtesy of Adelina Bikliq

The profiteroles are slightly on the pricey side at 15 euros for 10, but the high standards and the passion with which they are made mean they are good value nonetheless. 

The same rationale applies to the cakes, which range from 25 euros for the smallest sized cakes (envisioned for 6-8 people), up to 50 euros for the largest size (envisioned for 10-20 people). This may seem like a lot, but for those celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a little slice of heaven, it is more than worth it.

The cakes are also not the only sweet thing in the shop, as the hardworking staff are delightfully accommodating for visitors. Adelina’s Cook Shop is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00-17:00, while orders can be placed in person, through Instagram, or over the phone.

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