Kosovo Probes Alleged Pension Fraud Scheme Following Kallxo.com Investigation

Kosovo prosecutor’s office authorised the Kosovo Police to initiate an investigation of suspicions surrounding a fraudulent payment scheme affecting pensioners.

Kosovo Police announced on Tuesday that they have launched an investigation into suspicions that pensioners have fallen victim to a fraudulent payment scheme for a pension association. 

“The Kosovo Police, on May 13, received authorization from the competent Prosecutor regarding suspicions of possible fraud against the pensioners of the Republic of Kosovo. Based on the authorisation and the information obtained, the relevant police units have undertaken investigative actions regarding suspicions of possible fraud against RKS pensioners,” Kosovo Police press release reads.

Kallxo Përnime reported on May 24 that pensioners in the Municipality of Malisheva were being asked to pay three euros for “membership” in the pension association, without being fully aware what they are paying for.

The research published in Kallxo Përnime TV Programme shows that in Malisheva, some pensioners are being made to believe that to join the legal battle against the government to request compensation for inflation, they must first become members of the association and pay three euros.

For about two months, pensioners from all over Kosovo have been organising to sue the Government of Kosovo. They are seeking pension compensation due to inflation of the last three years, as well as an increase in pensions based on the Law on Pension Schemes.

“It seems to be an application for pension assistance, I have heard such from people, I do not know what it is. We have heard that the government is giving 500 euros for these applications,”  Ismet Hoti, a pensioner in Malisheva, told Kallxo Përnime.

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